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Solutions to common failures of plastic extruders

by:TENGDA     2022-01-09
As a commonly used plastic machinery and equipment, plastic extruders are widely used to improve the efficiency of the plastic manufacturing industry and generate huge profits. However, all equipment has a service life. As time goes by, the equipment gradually ages, and various problems will occur, which will not only incur maintenance costs, but also affect the work plan of the factory. However, many small problems can be solved by themselves. There is no need to wait for the manufacturer to come to repair and delay the time. Here is a common problem of plastic extruders. 1. The host current is unstable. If this phenomenon occurs, troubleshoot the plastic extruder. First, check whether the feeding is even, to troubleshoot the feeding machine. Then check whether the main motor bearing is damaged or poorly lubricated, and repair the main motor or replace the bearing as appropriate. At the same time, if the heater does not work normally, it will also cause the current instability. Check the heater and replace it if necessary. Finally, check the screw adjustment pad, pull the screw out to check whether there is interference, and adjust according to the situation. Checking the above four aspects can basically solve the problem of host current instability. 2. The machine head is not smooth or blocked. If this kind of situation occurs, check the heater of the plastic extruder to see if the heater is not normal, causing the material to not be plasticized normally. Then check the temperature setting and negotiate with the technician to find out whether it is because the temperature setting is lowered that the plasticization is not good. Finally, check the extrusion system and the machine head to see if the materials are mixed with impurities that are not easy to melt, causing blockage. Clean them up in time for normal use. The plastic extruder is an extremely important equipment for plastic extrusion production. If there is a problem, it will affect the entire production and manufacturing work of the factory. If it is serious, it may affect the delivery time and adversely affect the development of the factory. Therefore, when the operator is in use, he should know more about fault maintenance skills, which will help keep the extruder working normally and ensure the factory's manufacturing work.
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