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Start-up process of twin-screw extruder granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-10-18

Check and prepare the twin-screw extrusion granulator before starting the machine, start the oil pump, open and close the pressure reducing valve, make the oil pressure between 0.05~0.2Mpa, and check whether there is any foreign matter in the main hopper and the material box. Clean up and turn on the cooling water circulation system. Close the switch and contactor, adjust the thermometer so that the actual temperature reaches the set temperature and keep it for 20 to 30 minutes. Turn the screw by hand according to the rotation direction shown by the coupling, and it should move freely and rotate no less than one circle. Open the water valve in and out, and start the air knife. When the temperature of a certain section is 5o higher than the set temperature, start the water pump, adjust the pressure regulating valve, make the water pressure within 0.2~0.3Mpa, and control the temperature fluctuation. Start the feeder to feed slowly, so that the load current of the main engine is not greater than 50% of the rated current, and ensure that the feeding port does not accumulate material.

Start the Cherry machine at low speed and start the vibrating screen. Start the feeder to slowly feed materials, so that the load current of the main machine is not greater than 50% of the rated current, and ensure that the feeding port does not accumulate material. After the die exit, the main engine speed is increased to 150~500r/min. After the die exit, the main engine speed up 150~500r/min, pass the air knife, adjust the cutting machine speed to match the extrusion speed. Stop feeding, slowly reduce the speed of the host, reduce the power of the host to 25~30% of the rated current, and run the host for 1~2 minutes when the speed of the host reaches 30r/min. At the same time, the speed of the host is synchronously reduced to match the delivery speed. When the main machine template is out of material, the main machine rotates back to zero at the speed regulation and stops the main machine.

During the cleaning work, do not allow water or oil to enter the electrical control cabinet, and do not pull or touch all kinds of wires to prevent loosening and dampness. According to the operation record, the process conditions shall not be overspeed. Regularly check each lubrication point, including forced oil filling and oil cup pressure lubrication, pay attention to the changes in the water quality of the soft water, and replace it in time if it turns black.

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