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Steps for making granules by recycled plastic granulator

by:TENGDA     2023-02-03
Plastic granules are processed from high-pressure polyethylene (PE). They are widely used in daily life, construction, clothing, and agriculture. However, today's plastic granules are all chemical products. In order to reduce production costs, producers reduce chemical Among the raw materials, the current production cost of plastic granules is low, but the plastic granules are not easy to degrade, and it takes a long time to degrade after being buried in the ground, which will cause harm to the environment.
An environmentally friendly recycled plastic granule and a preparation method thereof, characterized in that it comprises waste gas recovery plastic powder, plant fiber starch, binder, and glycerin, and its mass-number ratio is waste gas recovery plastic 40-50%, plant fiber starch 20-25% %, 15-22%, binder 3.8%, glycerin 10-20%. The steps are:
(1) Clean the discarded recycled plastic first;
(2) Dry the waste recycled plastics after cleaning with a dryer;
(3) putting the waste recycled plastics after drying into a twin-screw extruder for pulverization;
(4) Take raw materials according to the above proportioning ratio and then put it into the plastic extruder and stir;
(5) Then put the stirred raw materials into the recycled plastic granulator for granulation.
The method uses waste recycled plastic powder as the main raw material, saves a large amount of raw materials, and avoids environmental pollution caused by waste plastics. The raw materials also include plant fiber starch, adhesive gelatin, and glycerin. The plant fiber starch is non-toxic, harmless, and environmentally friendly, and can self-degrade under natural conditions after being discarded, without causing major damage to the environment. At the same time, the air permeability of the finished plastic granules can be improved because of the increase. The added binder can make the raw materials bond together well, ensuring the stability of the particles.

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