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Systematization of waste plastic management

by:TENGDA     2022-12-29
The development of social economy is inseparable from the support and contribution of natural resources, but with limited natural resources, we must improve resource utilization efficiency, save limited resources, and develop renewable resources.
Statistics show that in the waste plastic recycling industry, China is already at the forefront. China's waste plastic recycling industry has undergone decades of upgrading and development, and has now formed a relatively complete and large-scale recycling system. So, do you know how waste plastic is recycled?
There are generally two types of plastic recycling, one is to simply sort out the high-value parts of waste plastics, and then cooperate with plastic granulators to process and directly recycle them; the other is to effectively sort, clean, and recycle plastic waste. Pelletized to make new recycled plastic or incinerated to generate electricity. Many large-scale plastic recycling companies will choose the latter to carry out systematic and large-scale recycling. This method is also known as the 'plastic waste cleaning and granulation solution'. Both of these require the use of equipment-plastic granulator, which is favored by many companies for its high-performance reproduction.
The plastic waste cleaning and granulation solution can be used to process all kinds of hard plastic waste, including HDPE, PP, ABS and other different materials. The whole set of recycling production line covers: Crusher, hot washing machine, friction cleaning machine, separation sedimentation tank, squeeze dryer, plastic granulator and other different equipment. The whole line of the plastic waste cleaning and granulation solution adopts an intelligent control system, which can realize automatic production control.
Plastic pellets produced through plastic waste cleaning and granulation solutions can be re-blown into new plastics. For example, it can be used to make trash cans, plastic basins and other products in daily life, and it has great uses in clothing, chemical industry, agriculture, etc. Plastic particles that cannot be re-blown can also be used for incineration to generate electricity and realize resource utilization.

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