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TENGDA Machinary Came Back with Success from the 5th China Tongcheng Xindu Plastic Packing Machinery Fair!

TENGDA Machinary Came Back with Success from the 5th China Tongcheng Xindu Plastic Packing Machinery Fair!


TENGDA Machinary Came Back with Success from the 5th China Tongcheng Xindu Plastic Packing Machinery Fair!

The five session of the three days' exhibition has ended successfully. The whole exhibition staff of TENGDA ended their journey and continue to devote themselves to the busy and fulfilling work.

With the theme of "scientific technological innovation and green upgrading", the exhibition focuses on the development achievements, development advantages, future planning and special products of Tongcheng plastic packaging industry, aiming to attract high-quality enterprises in the industry to gather in Tongcheng, extend the local industrial chain, promote industrial upgrading and advance the high-quality economic development of Tongcheng.

TENGDA Machinery is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of complete sets of plastic processing equipment. After more than ten years of precision research and innovation,we have formed a complete set of fully automatic polymer processing production lines based on twin-screw extruders, as well as independent production of high-end key parts. A complete industrial chain has been established in terms of R&D, design, manufacturing and application.

This time TENGDA exhibited the PLA/PBAT/PBS etc. Biodegradable granules production line and Tri-screw water-ring Hot-face Pelletizing units. After repeated test and verification, they are the crystallization of the whole staff of TENGDA Machinery. Each one has its own unique advantages, which can really bring maximum benefits and minimum cost losses to our users.

1. Tri-screw water-ring Hot-face Pelletizing units


(1)Have a faster plastic plastifying and better mixing effect than the twin-screw extruder. The materials stay in high temperature for a shot time, which can energy saving 30%-40%.

(2)subjected the material to be strongly sheared, squeezed, kneaded, ground, which can realize the better homogenization and distribution.

(3)Have a higher shear zone than the conventional twin-screw extruder, which doubles the plasticizing and kneading performance of the twin-screw extruder of the same specification, thus high output extrusion can be achieved and the production capacity is twice that of a twin-screw extruder.

(4)as the surface area increases and the surface renewal rate increases, the devolatilization efficiency is also greatly improved.

2. PLA/PBAT/PBS etc. Biodegradable granules production line


(1)Equipped with high torque or ultra-high torque gearbox, deceleration and torque distribution are integrated, new structure design; imported zero-stress safety coupling can be selected.

(2)Adopt high wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant barrel and screw and high-strength mandrel.

(3)Adopt air-cooling strand pelletizing system, the unit has reliable performance and the operation is easy.

During the exhibition, users interested in the equipment were coming to visit our booth and reach strategic cooperation with us. Win-win cooperation has always been the development concept of TENGDA Machinery. Helping partners to enhance their core competitiveness in the industry is the commitment that TENGDA Machinery has always kept.

They gave full confidence in our equipment. We are grateful for the success of this exhibition. We are grateful to the hard-working sales team in the front line, the production staff who strive for excellence, and also to every user and friend who accompanied us along the way and gave us help and support.


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