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Unique features of twin-screw extruders

by:TENGDA     2023-01-27
​In modern times, the development of the plastics industry is inseparable from a kind of equipment, that is, the twin-screw extruder, which can well match the plastics processing industry, and its position in the industry is very important. The unique feature of the equipment is the hard condition that enables her to process a variety of plastics, so what are its characteristics?
First of all, the processing screw thread structure of the twin-screw extruder is smooth, and the plastic is extruded and pushed into a conical shape during continuous rotation. Compared with the single-screw, the twin-screw is two co-rotating in the same direction and has a certain angle to make the processing smoother, thereby increasing the speed of plastic processing and improving efficiency.
Secondly, the barrel of the twin-screw extruder is larger, which increases the amount of feed, and with the bottom wave structure of the upper bottom, the cooling system cooperates, and the heat dissipation effect is more excellent, avoiding the impact of temperature on the scorch of the pellets , sticky, so under normal circumstances the barrel is in a hurry without residue.
Furthermore, not only the surface of the twin-screw contains a thicker layer of chromium, but this element material can increase the wear resistance of the screw, and it is also contained on the barrel, which provides wear resistance and increases corrosion resistance. Extend the service life of the twin-screw extruder.
On the main machine, the extrusion speed of the twin-screw extruder can be directly controlled, that is, the working speed of the twin-screw and the feeding of the barrel complement each other, making the extruded pellets more full and substantial.
Finally, the whole of the twin-screw extruder is made according to the processing line and occupies a reasonable area. Compact design, easy assembly and maintenance.

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