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What are the advantages of twin screw extruders

by:TENGDA     2022-01-13
As we all know, the twin-screw extruder is developed on the basis of the single-screw extruder. Because of its many excellent properties, it is widely used in the molding and processing of many extruded products. So what are the advantages of the Nanjing twin-screw extruder? Let's introduce it in detail below. First, the high-quality Nanjing twin-screw extruder is very convenient to open. Whether it is before or after use, when the inside of the extruder is inspected in detail, it is possible to know its thread elements and barrel lining in time. What is the wear condition of the sleeve? If the wear level is serious, then effective repair or replacement can be carried out as soon as possible, so that it will not be discovered when a serious problem occurs in the extruder, which will cause a lot of unnecessary waste. Second, when using a twin-screw extruder to manufacture masterbatch, it is often necessary to change the color. At this time, it only takes a few minutes to quickly open the barrel for manual cleaning, and the machine can be cleaned without using a large amount of cleaning material. This greatly saves costs to a certain extent. Thirdly, even the Nanjing twin-screw extruder of the best quality sometimes will inevitably have some minor problems. When repairing it, you only need to loosen a few bolts to easily open the entire barrel, and then let Professionals perform repairs. It can be said that compared with other extrusion equipment, the twin-screw extruder can not only greatly shorten the maintenance time, but also reduce the labor intensity.  Fourth, the twin-screw extruder has a very high speed, and its role is to maximize productivity, and it has unique advantages in processing high viscosity and heat-sensitive materials. It can be seen that Nanjing twin-screw extruder has many advantages. The use of twin-screw extruder for production operations can not only greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises, but also the quality of its extruded products is very guaranteed. Therefore, in recent years More and more companies use this equipment.
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