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What are the advantages of twin-screw extruders over single-screw extruders

by:TENGDA     2023-01-31

We need to understand the two kinds of screw extruders, we must know their structural characteristics, and choose the best.

Structural features of single screw extruder:

The structure is simple and the price is low.
It is suitable for the plasticizing extrusion of polymers and the extrusion processing of pellets. The shear degradation of the polymer is small, but the material stays in the extruder for a long time.
Easy to operate and simple process control.
Twin-screw extruder:
The structure is complex and the price is high.
It has good mixing and plasticizing ability, and the material stays in the extruder for a short time, which is suitable for pellet and powder processing.
The output is large, the extrusion speed is fast, and the energy consumption per unit output is low.
It can be seen that the single-screw extruder is suitable for pellet processing, and the raw materials used are pelletized pellets or crushed pellets. The twin-screw extruder is suitable for pellet and powder processing, and the mixed PVC material can be used directly, which reduces the granulation process, but adds more waste grinding process. In recent years, the quality of TENGDA twin-screw extruders has basically reached the level of imported twin-screw extruders, and the price is only one-third to one-fifth of the imported machines. Due to the large output and fast extrusion speed of the twin-screw extruder, it can generally reach 2-4 m/min, which is suitable for large-scale production of PVC plastic granulation. The single-screw extruder is generally only used for small-scale auxiliary profile production, and the extrusion speed is only 1 to 2 m/min. Many PVC profile processing plants have eliminated the single-screw extruder and replaced it with a twin-screw extruder. The multi-cavity mold produces small auxiliary profiles.

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