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What are the application fields of twin screw extruder granulator?

by:TENGDA     2022-10-05

The two main application areas of twin screw extruder pelletizers are: extrusion molding of heat-sensitive materials, such as PVC pipes and profiles; processing of specialty polymers, such as blending, venting, chemical reactions, etc. The twin-screw used for profile extrusion has intermeshing threads and grooves, and operates at a relatively low speed, within about 10r/min. Compared with single-screw, twin-screw extruder has much superior feeding and conveying performance, especially those that are difficult to feed and easy to slip, such as fibrous, powdery and oily materials. The material residence time is short and relatively uniform, better mixing and larger heat transfer area, so that the material temperature is well controlled, which is particularly important for the processing of heat-sensitive materials.

In the initial stage, people had insufficient understanding of the working mechanism of the twin-screw extruder, and some problems encountered in the design and manufacture of the machine were difficult to solve. The special thrust bearing that comes out of the machine solves the problem that the bearing has strong axial and radial bearing capacity in the small space between the two screws, making the twin-screw extruder very reliable in mechanical structure. Currently, twin screw extruders are very common in the polymer processing industry.

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