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​What are the characteristics of twin-screw extruders

by:TENGDA     2023-02-07
First of all, the twin-screw extruder has the principle of a single-screw extruder: solid conveying, melting pressurization, pumping, mixing, stripping and evaporation, but it is not simply the case.
The research on its extrusion process can be roughly divided into three links:
1. It is necessary to find out the real state changes of two or more polymers and materials during the extrusion process, the mixed shape, the process of structural changes, and the relationship between the mixture and the function.
2. As a twin-screw extruder, the internal relationship between the reaction process, speed, performance, screw configuration and operating conditions during extrusion reaction molding is established to guide the reaction molding extrusion.
3. With advanced control system. The twin-screw extruder is equipped with an advanced and beautiful control system. Most of the control components are imported components with good quality and high sensitivity. The operating parameters of the main engine such as current, voltage, temperature, torque, etc. are very intuitive, so the operation is very simple and convenient, and the requirements for the operator are not very high.

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