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What are the characteristics of twin screw extrusion granulator?

by:TENGDA     2022-10-03

The high efficiency of twin screw extrusion granulator is mainly reflected in high output, low energy consumption and low manufacturing cost. In terms of function, the screw plastic extruder has not only been used for extrusion molding and mixing processing of polymer materials, but also its use has been extended to food, ceramics and other fields. Modular production of plastic extruders can adapt to the special requirements of different users, shorten the research and development cycle of new products, and strive for a larger market share; while specialized production can arrange fixed-point production of various system module components of extrusion molding equipment or even carry out global production Purchasing, which is very beneficial to ensuring the quality of the whole period, reducing costs, and accelerating capital turnover.

The twin-screw extrusion granulator process is the focus of attention, and the application of plastic extruders is also extremely extensive. The plastic extruder is essentially a high-end plastic extrusion molding equipment. So far, it has been developed for at least 100 years, and it is often used as the main engine. There is no doubt that other related equipment is the auxiliary machine. Now, the other equipment is the so-called plastic extrusion molding machine, the follow-up equipment supporting the host.

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