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What are the main characteristics of the plastic pellet machine

by:TENGDA     2022-01-07
With the continuous development and progress of the times, the equipment and products used in our lives are becoming more and more advanced, which has provided a very huge contribution to the improvement of our productivity and the improvement of the quality of life. In life, people can always use a variety of plastic products. Basically, our life and work cannot do without plastic. The production of many plastic products mainly uses plastic pellet machines. What are the main characteristics of the plastic pellet machine? Next, Nanjing Tengda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will give you an explanation. Plastic pellet machines are mainly used to process plastic films and various plastic daily-use products, and are also mostly used in the recycling industry of waste plastics. The main characteristics of the plastic pellet machine are as follows: 1. After the recycling of waste plastics, after sorting, crushing, cleaning and processing, it can be produced and processed without drying and drying, and it can be processed dry and wet. 2. The whole process of automatic production, from the crushing of raw materials, to cleaning, to pressing into pellets, is all automated production, and the operation can be carried out after setting the parameters. 3. The heating system adopts high-pressure uninterrupted friction technology, which realizes automatic heating, reduces the repetitive process of continuous heating, and reduces energy consumption. 4. The fully automated power distribution system automatically monitors the power supply current and voltage to ensure the stable and safe operation of the motor and prevent damage to the motor due to abnormal short circuits and pulse currents. 5. The appearance is beautiful and generous, and the patterns and colors are designed according to customer requirements. 6. The screw barrel is made of high-strength carbon structural steel, which has very good use quality, durability, long service life and good impact resistance. Of course, the characteristics of the plastic pellet machine are not limited to these. You can enter the official website of Nanjing Tengda Machinery Manufacturing Company to consult and learn more about it. The powerful functions of the plastic pellet machine continue to provide customers with powerful functions and very good production benefits. Come and buy it!
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