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What are the main uses and product categories of twin-screw extruders?

by:TENGDA     2022-12-15
We all love food, especially processed snacks, which are popular with children and young adults. Thanks to the advancement of technology and food industry production equipment, more and more machines meet various production requirements, and also bring us consumers a variety of processed food choices. Next, I will introduce the twin-screw extruder to you, starting from its main use and product classification, so that you can feel the secrets and fun behind food processing. Come take a look.

1. Main application of twin-screw extruder

1. Puffing can make food bigger and looser after processing. The main purpose of the puffing machine is to puff the food. Puffing in the extrusion cavity is actually a high-temperature instantaneous process, which plays a very good role in processing food raw materials.

2. Food usually forms a kind of“Popcorn”The state of starch not only changes in physical state such as appearance, but also changes in the molecular structure of internal organic matter, making starch easier to digest and protein easier to use.

3. Compared with ordinary full-price granular food raw materials, puffed food raw materials have their unique advantages: the palatability of food is improved. After the food raw materials are puffed, the fragrance increases, the palatability is improved, and it can stimulate the appetite of animals. The digestibility of food is improved. After the food is puffed, the long-chain structure of organic matter such as protein and fat can be changed to a short-chain structure. Therefore, it becomes easier to digest.

2. Product classification of twin-screw extruder

1. Classification of common extruders There are many types of processing materials according to the application occasions. Grain extruders are mainly used to extrude yellow rice, corn and other grains and other grains.

2. The function of the flour puffing machine is to puff wheat white flour and other flour food products. This kind of puffing machine is also called crispy fruit machine.

3. Soybean puffing machine, the main function of soybean puffing machine is generally used for puffing soybeans. Soybean puffing machine contains an oil removal device, which is a machine function specially made according to the high oil content of soybeans.

The above is my introduction to the application and product classification of the twin-screw extruder. I hope it will be helpful to you.
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