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What are the principles for choosing a twin-screw granulator? Its installation requirements also tell you together!

by:TENGDA     2022-12-10
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Nowadays, twin-screw granulators are used in many industrial fields. Many friends still don’t know the principle of choosing it. In fact, when enterprises choose twin-screw granulators, they should follow the hygiene level, high productivity, good product quality, and safe operation. And the principle of easy maintenance and wide process range. There are also certain requirements for its installation work. In the article, TENGDA Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction on the principles of choosing a twin-screw granulator and its installation requirements.

Principles for choosing a twin-screw granulator:

Choosing a twin-screw granulator is also a very particular matter. If you want to help the company complete production efficiently, you need to choose a twin-screw granulator that suits the company itself. The following are its selection principles:

1. The principle of hygiene level

Due to the special hygienic requirements in the industrial field, the structural parts of the selected twin-screw granulator that directly contact the material should be easy to assemble, disassemble and clean, and no dead angle is allowed. And there must be reliable sealing measures to prevent the mixing of sundries and the loss of materials.

2. The principle of high productivity and good product quality

The level of productivity directly reflects the production capacity of the production line. Therefore, the higher the productivity, the better the economic benefits it produces. In order to improve product quality, a twin-screw granulator with high equipment precision and high degree of automation should be selected. However, the selling price of the equipment has also increased accordingly, increasing the unit cost of the product. Therefore, when selecting a twin-screw granulator, the relevant factors should be considered comprehensively in combination with the requirements of the production process.

3. Principles of safe operation and convenient maintenance

The operation and adjustment of the twin-screw granulator should be convenient, labor-saving, and safe and reliable. Moreover, its structure should be easy to disassemble and assemble, and the parts should be generalized and standardized. In addition, the twin-screw granulator with low price, light weight and high explosion-proof grade should be preferred.

4. The principle of wide process range

The process range of the twin-screw granulator refers to its ability to adapt to different production requirements. The wider the process range, the more the utilization rate of the equipment can be improved, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes, that is, the same equipment can be used to fill various materials and specifications. Therefore, in order to meet the production requirements of liquid materials with multiple specifications, a twin-screw granulator with as wide a process range as possible should be selected.

Installation requirements for twin-screw granulator:

The installation of the twin-screw granulator is very important, because whether the installation is correct or not will affect the working status of the twin-screw granulator. Its installation requirements are as follows:

1. Before installing the twin-screw granulator, please read the operation manual carefully to prevent installation errors!

2. Then insert the full container into the tool box, and then connect the external power supply. It should be noted that the power socket must be a triangular socket connected to the ground wire to prevent leakage.

3. Support the twin-screw granulator with an armored support plate, and push the positioning sleeve on the head of the twin-screw granulator. The positioning sleeve can move up and down flexibly, and the filling needle in the twin-screw granulator can freely enter and exit or retract!

4. Turn the switch under the liquid storage tank of the twin-screw granulator to make the material enter the main metering pump smoothly, and then turn the knob of the filling speed control board to about 20 degrees to close the switch on the speed control board!

5. Set the quantity of the liquid flowing out of the twin-screw granulator, then tighten the liquid volume fine-tuning nut, cover the shell of the granulation head, and loosen the support plate of the filling rack.

The above is the principle of choosing a twin-screw granulator and its installation requirements introduced by TENGDA Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers. I hope this article can help you better understand the machine of twin-screw granulator.
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