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What are the raw materials of the plastic pellet machine?

by:TENGDA     2022-01-07

Nanjing twin-screw extruder manufacturer information: Generally speaking, the raw materials of plastic pellet machines are mainly waste plastics, so what are the main sources of these waste plastics? The following is a brief introduction of the source and composition of these waste plastics from Nanjing twin-screw extruder manufacturer-Tengda Machinery, so that everyone has a simple understanding of the raw materials of the plastic pellet machine:

The first type of raw material is waste plastic produced when new plastic is produced.

There are four main sources in this respect:

1. It is the plastic on the equipment that produces new plastics and unqualified plastics during maintenance.

2. , Waste materials in the process of compounding new materials and unqualified compounding plastics

Three. Scattered materials that fall during production and transportation

Four. Leftovers generated in the production process< /p>

The second type is waste plastics produced in secondary processing.

Generally, plastic processing plants will produce a lot of difficult-to-handle waste during secondary processing. A large part of the waste after printing or electroplating is not worthy of recycling, and there is no way to become plastic particles. The raw materials of the machine, but the waste generated before these polluting processes have a relatively high value, especially the value of the scraps produced by the initial thermoforming and mechanical cutting processing is relatively high.

The third type is waste plastics generated after use.

This type of plastic generally comes from a wide range of sources and requires a series of special recycling processes to reach a certain amount. The general source is the garbage generated in the production and life of all walks of life.

In agriculture, such as used mulch film, greenhouse film, fertilizer bag, in daily life, fresh-keeping bag, plastic bag.

Construction industry, packaging materials, foam, building materials waste, pipes.

There are also waste man-made fibers, fishing nets, floating balls and so on.

Of course, the above is only about three points. There are many other things like our domestic garbage, such as bottles, barrels, basins, cups, plates, toys, etc. Introduced one by one. Anyway, the source of the main raw materials of the plastic pellet machine is relatively abundant. If you are more interested in the plastic pellet machine, you can enter our official website of Tengda Machinery for inquiries. We have a lot of professional knowledge for everyone here, and we look forward to your visit.

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