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What are the types and classifications of power cables

by:TENGDA     2022-11-06

1. Detailed classification of power cables:

Oil-paper insulation: viscous oil-impregnated paper insulation type (all-in-one, split-phase shield type); cable material granulator

Non-drip oil-impregnated paper insulation type (all-in-one type, split-phase shield type);

Oil-filled oil-impregnated paper insulation type (self-contained oil-filled cable, steel pipe oil-filled cable);

Inflatable viscous oil-impregnated paper insulation type (self-contained inflatable cable, steel tube inflatable cable),

Plastic insulation: polyethylene insulation type (low voltage wire and cable);

Polyethylene insulation type (medium and low voltage wire and cable);

XLPE insulated type (high, medium and low voltage wire and cable)

Rubber insulation: natural rubber insulation type (mining cable, marine cable, power cable ethylene propylene rubber insulation type (mining cable, marine cable, power cable)

Silicone rubber insulation type (control cable, power cable, aviation cable), etc.

2. According to the form of transmission power:

AC and DC cables. The insulation structure of power cables is designed for use in AC systems. Since the electric field distribution of DC power cables is different from that of AC power cables, the two cannot simply be used interchangeably.

3. The cable material granulator is classified according to the structural characteristics of the phase-split type: refers to the phase-split shield. Generally, oil-impregnated paper and plastic insulated cables of 10kV and above are phase-separated.

Steel pipe type: cable with steel pipe sheath. It is divided into steel pipe oil-filled cable, gas-filled cable and steel pipe with oil pressure and air pressure cable. Flat type: three cable cores 'one' spaced apart' appearance is flat. Generally used for long-distance submarine cables. Self-contained: Cable with pressure inside the jacket. Divided into self-contained oil-filled and inflatable cables.

4. Classification of laying environment:

Can be divided into direct buried (soil), overhead (air) and underwater cables, as well as in salt spray, high drop, multi-movement, hot flashes

All-in-one type: After the insulated core is cabled, it is covered with all-in-one insulation on the outside, and placed in the same inner sheath. area etc. Because the laying environment has a great influence on the structure of the cable sheath, the cables laid in the above areas have different special requirements for the mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and flexibility of the sheath trench.

5. Other categories:

According to the voltage level, it can be divided into high-voltage cables and low-voltage cables; according to the number of cable cores, it can be divided into single-core cables and multi-core cables.

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