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What is a compounding extruder?

What is a compounding extruder?


A compounding extruder is a specialized machine that can help you produce various products from plastic pellets. Compounding extruders are used for processing polymer blends into granular or pelletized forms. This plastic compounding extruder process allows you to mix and match components to create custom products.

Core components of Compounding Extruder

A compounding extruder consists of the following core components:


This part feeds a solid feed into the mixing chamber. It's usually a twin screw compounding type feeder, but you can use other types if you want to. The feeder has grooves where the powder is placed and then squeezed through as it moves through the machine, creating uniformity in size and shape for each pass through each cylinder cycle.


This holds your raw material (your compound) until it's ready for processing into your finished product! You may have seen these before—they look like small metal drums sitting right next to your oven or stovetop burner.* Screws – These are what allow you to move the material around inside these machines while they're running without having any physical contact with its walls whatsoever; all this means is that there will be no static electricity buildup anywhere near where those screws touch anything else either so nothing gets stuck inside them either which means less wasted time cleaning up messes caused by sticky materials like lint or dander getting stuck between gears while they spin around slowly making lots of noise while rotating slowly over time causing wear-and-tear damage on expensive machinery parts over time…

Types of compounding Extruder

We will discuss two types: plastic compounding extruder and twin screw compounding extruder.

Plastic compounding extruder

A plastic compounding extruder is a machine that allows you to make plastic pellets, which are used in manufacturing all kinds of products. When melted and blended with other substances, these pellets can be used to make all sorts of products, from plastics for car parts and toys to household items like water bottles and detergent containers.

A plastic compounding extruder melts plastic pellets into a liquid state. Then it passes this molten material through a series of rollers that cool it and form it into smooth, round pellets. The Extruder can then use these pellets to make all kinds of products—from toys and food containers to car parts or furniture!

Twin screw compounding extruder

Twin screw compounding extruder is a high-speed Extruder that uses two screws to adjust the extrusion speed. It is commonly used in producing PVC, PVDC, and other similar materials.

The twin screw compounding extruder has two rotating screws with different diameters, which can be adjusted according to the required thickness of the material as it passes through each screw. The inside diameter of one screw is larger than that of the other, resulting in a variation in speed between the screws when they are rotated together.

Plastic double screw compounding extruder

Plastic double screw compounding extruder

Features of compounding extruder

A compounding extruder is used for a variety of applications, including:


This process heats and blends melted materials together to form a homogeneous mixture. The material goes through a die which cuts it into small pieces, then into pellets or granules. These can be further processed by pelletizing equipment (a machine that crushes the pellets into powders), granulating equipment (which mills them into grains), or blending machines.


These processes combine molten particles with water to produce granules/pellets that are much easier to handle than powder mixtures because they have been broken down into smaller pieces without losing their functionality completely - meaning they can still be used in industrial processes such as paint-on coatings! They're also good for making snacks such as energy bars because they don't require preheating before being stirred together with other ingredients inside one large vessel like cake batter might require before the baking day arrives too soon."

Plastic Twin Screw PP PET Compounding Granule Extruder

Benefits of using a compound extruder

A compounding extruder is a high-speed extruder used to roll out various materials, including fine powders and pellets. It can be used to produce compounds, plastics, and fibers. The compounding extruder has several benefits:

It's easy to operate.

With an extruder, you only have to follow the simple steps given by the exturder manufacturer, and you can start working immediately. You don't have to worry about technical issues because everything is done for you. There's no need for manual labor, experience, or skill to operate this machine; you only need patience and time!

The end product will be uniform.

Since no heat sources are involved with this machine, it ensures that every part of the product gets an even heat distribution throughout its surface area. This means that all parts will end up being homogenous in terms of size, color, texture, etc.


Although various types of extruders are available, the compounding extruder is one of the most versatile and affordable. It can be used for various plastics processing applications and is ideal for producing products such as rope, hose, or tubing. If you want to make your PVC pipe, this type of Extruder might be what you need!

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