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What is a masterbatch granulator?

by:TENGDA     2022-11-12

What is a masterbatch granulator?

Product features: The screw of the masterbatch granulator is designed and manufactured using the building block principle. According to the processing material system and process formula, the aspect ratio, barrel structure, screw arrangement, screen changing structure, exhaust volume and position, feeding method, electronic control method, etc. can be optimized and reasonably controlled. Realize multi-functional, multi-purpose polymer materials suitable for processing, make full use of limited space to design the most new involute spline structure mandrel, ensure the largest bearing capacity, high torque transmission, and use computer-aided design of meshing joints. Yoke-type threaded parts. It has excellent self-cleaning function and good interchangeability. Its specifications include conveying block, mixing block, kneading block, countercurrent block and toothed plate, etc., through appropriate and reasonable combination, material transportation can be realized.

Masterbatch production process: plasticization, shearing, dispersion, homogenization, exhaust, pressure, etc., to realize the processing of polymer materials.

1. Weighing: The greater the weight of the toner, carrier, lubricant, dispersant, etc. according to the process requirements, the better the accuracy.

2. Stirring: The weighed components are put into the high-speed mixer according to the process requirements.

3. Extruder: set according to the temperature of the color masterbatch carrier, and keep it warm for a certain time before starting the machine.

4. Pull out: In the middle of the blow dryer or suction dryer, pull the material out of the mold from the direction of the moving tool at the same speed as the material rod.

5. Cela: When the material reaches the feeding port of the cutting machine, slowly increase the speed of the granulator.

6. Packaging: according to the company's requirements

7. Adjustment: The whole set of equipment runs normally for a period of time, and the speed is adjusted to the normal production speed in turn.

Masterbatch granulator processing equipment configuration: high mixer - screw automatic feeder - twin-screw granulator - cooling water tank - blower - granulator

Scope of application: masterbatch, polypropylene modified granulation, PE modified granulation, ABS granulation, PA66/PA6 granulation, cable material granulation, silane cross-linked cable material granulation, filler masterbatch granulation, plastic dyeing Granulation, plastic recycling granulation. Engineering plastic granulation, functional masterbatch granulation, plastic toughening granulation, special plastic granulation, school polymer experiment


The above is the introduction of color masterbatch granulator. Our company customizes non-standard granulator. Welcome to inquire!

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