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What is a Plastic Extruder Machine?

What is a Plastic Extruder Machine?


The plastic extruder machine is a unique machinery that can make thermoplastics and polymer materials into various shapes of products such as pipes, tubes and so on. It comprises five parts: transmission system, heating and cooling system, screw and barrel, head and auxiliary equipment. The main components of a heating furnace include a motor or speed reducer coupling gearbox bearing seat etc. The essential elements of screws are fixed sleeves rotating in the casing, etcetera.

Parts of Plastic Extrusion Machines

The following are the five parts of a plastic extrusion machines:

● Transmission system

● Heating and cooling system

● Screw/barrel assembly

● Head assembly

● Auxiliary equipment

The transmission system

The transmission system includes a motor or speed reducer, coupling, gearbox and bearing seat.

The motor converts the rotary motion of the motor into linear motion. It is also called a power source. The speed reducer reduces the operating speed of a drive shaft so that it can be connected directly to an output shaft without using gears or other devices to increase its output torque (this is why they are called different things depending on what type you have).

A coupler connects two rotating assemblies so that they will turn at the same rate and direction as each other when powered by their respective motors/speed reducers (this makes sure everything runs smoothly). A gearbox is used for converting one form of rotation into another form through many different combinations, such as reductions in size or increases in size; some examples include planetary gear sets where small spur gears rotate around large pinions inside them, which causes more prominent external teeth to mesh with smaller internal ones thus reducing wear factor over time.

Heating and Cooling System

The main components of the heating and cooling system are the heating furnace, cooling water tank and water supply pump.

The heating furnace is used to heat the plastic material. It uses electrical power or gas as its energy source and has a temperature controller that changes its output based on input temperature measurements from sensors around it. The melting point of melted plastic ranges from about 230°C (450°F) for polyethene to 280°C (550°F) for polypropylene, so this means that you need some heat source if you want your plastic extrusion machines  to work correctly!

Water serves as both coolant in this process—it circulates through pipes connected with pipes coming out from each side of your plastic extrusion machines before entering back into its internal system again; meanwhile, there's also another set up just outside where all this happens called "cooling tower" which helps keep everything nice & cool while simultaneously pumping hot air out through vents located near its bottom surface area where it can be released safely into the atmosphere without causing any harm whatsoever...

Screw/Barrel assembly

The essential components of the screw are a fixed screw sleeve and a screw rotating in the casing. The fixed sleeve is made of high-strength alloy steel, which can withstand extreme wear and tear. It has been designed so that it does not need to be replaced or repaired often.

The rotating sleeve is also made of high-strength alloy steel, but it does not have any permanent parts like those found on other types of machinery, such as pumps or motors; instead, these parts only last for short periods before needing replacement due to wear-and-tear issues caused by friction between them (i.e., conflict with other moving parts).

Head Assembly

The head is also called a die, which can be divided into single die head, multiple die head, and co-rotating twin screw die head according to different shapes of pipe material products.

● Single Die Head: The plastic extrusion machines rotate around a central axis at high speed. In this case, the material is fed into the top through a feeder and then discharged from its bottom to form an extrusion path for developing plastic pipe materials.

● Multiple Die Head: Multiple dies are used to produce three-dimensional shapes such as round tubes or square bars etc., by using different dies with different hole diameters depending on their applications

Auxiliary equipment

The auxiliary equipment mainly consists of the water tank, traction device and winder. Water is supplied to the machine from a water tank located at the bottom of the extruder. The water enters through a valve on top of the plastic extruder machine and then flows into an open channel through which it passes through multiple nozzles before exiting at a lower level than when entering.

The traction device can either be manual or automatic, depending on what type of material you're working with. It's just like that little piece that comes with your kitchen knives: they're designed so that something happens when you press down on them! In this case, instead of cutting anything, they serve as guides which help guide your material into place without having any contact between itself and anything else inside our machine."

Plastic Extruder Machine Manufacturers

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Our machine selection is vast, and we’re confident that you will find a machine that fits your needs and budget. If you want to start working with plastics today, our team at Tengda has everything you need. Tengda is one of the best plastic extruder machine manufacturers that has everything from manual extrusion systems to automated systems that can produce parts on demand.


In this article, we have introduced the plastic extruder machine process works and its components. We hope you will learn more about this machine and its use in the future.

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