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What is a plastic granulator

by:TENGDA     2023-01-01
The plastic granulator is a machine that processes plastic into plastic granules. All the plastics in the recycling bins on the market need it to process, and then the granules can be blown into plastic film by a film blowing machine, or with other Machined into other products.
Plastic granulator generally refers to a machine that can make plastic into relatively uniform particles, which can be divided into two categories: granulator and pulverizer. The granulator has types such as strand granulation, grinding surface granulation, water ring granulation, underwater granulation, and flat plate granulation. The final particle shape can be cylindrical (strand granulation), spherical (grinding surface, water ring, underwater) and cube shape (flat plate granulation), etc.; the shredder is used to break waste plastic products into small pieces, and it can also be reluctantly incorporated into a granulator, but the shape of the produced things is irregular and granulated. The diameter distribution is large, and it is rarely used directly alone.
For plastic granulators, there is another non-standard statement in the plastics industry, which refers to the unit that manufactures plastic granules, including feeding systems, single-screw or twin-screw extruders, pelletizers, vibrating screens, batch machines, etc. Mixing and packaging equipment, etc. Specific needs need detailed communication in order to find a suitable plastic granulator for production.

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