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What is an environmentally friendly plastic granulator

by:TENGDA     2023-02-04
Many people have this question, what is the production of high-quality plastic dishes? If it is mass production, you should choose this environmentally friendly plastic granulator. The plastic granulator technology is relatively mature. In the production process, it can not only meet the production requirements, but also greatly reduce the cost of plastic, avoid the waste of plastic, and ensure the quality of plastic pellets. The environmentally friendly plastic granulator is composed of several devices, mainly including extrusion mechanism, agitator, dryer, molding machine and condensation system. The plastic granulator is a complete set, intelligent production, and simple operation to complete the production work.
The extrusion mechanism is the core processing part of the environment-friendly plastic granulator, and its function is to stir and compress the raw materials. Under the action of the agitator, the air is gradually compressed and extruded, so that each part of the plastic raw material can maintain the same quality, and the moisture is removed under the action of the dryer. The function of the condensing system is to effectively cool down after heating and processing.
The environmentally friendly plastic granulator is very mature, and its production capacity is beyond doubt. It can produce a large number of high-quality products in a short period of time. The pellets produced by the environmentally friendly plastic granulator are relatively full and not easy to lose, which is why this equipment is favored by the majority of plastic factories.
Because plastic products are difficult to decompose, they need to be reused, which is also the mission of the environmentally friendly plastic granulator. It can squeeze and mix waste plastics for reuse, and become environmentally friendly and sustainable plastics. The use of environmentally friendly plastic granulators can reduce waste plastics on the earth, and no hazardous substances are produced during processing, reducing the consumption of the plastics industry. Therefore, it is of great significance for reducing waste and protecting the environment.

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