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What is the difference between a twin screw extruder and a single screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-02-08
​Twin screw extruder

The two conical screws are arranged horizontally, and the two centerlines form an angle to be loaded into the barrel. The center distance between the two centerlines gradually increases from the small end to the large end, so that the two output shafts of the transmission system reducer have a large center. The worm gear and bushing in this kind of transmission and the axial rolling bearing and thrust rolling bearing supporting the bushing leave a large installation space, which can be equipped with axial rolling bearings and thrust rolling bearings of large specifications. Each transmission shaft has a journal that can achieve the transmission torque, so large working torque and large load-bearing capacity are major characteristics of the conical twin-screw extruder. This parallel twin-screw extruder is incomparable.

Back-stop rolling bearings for twin-screw extruders

When the twin-screw extruder is working, the melt will generate a particularly large pressure (engine pressure) on the top of the screw head. The pressure is generally around 14MPA, sometimes even above 30MPA. This pressure has a strong diameter on the screw. To resist the thrust, it is the function of the anti-retraction bearing to resist the thrust.

​What is the difference between a twin-screw extruder and a single-screw extruder​

Twin-screw extruder characteristics

1. According to the relative position of the two center lines, there are horizontal and conical points;

2. According to the meshing procedure of two screws, there are meshing type and non-engaging type;

3. According to the rotation orientation of the two screws, there are opposite directions and opposite directions, and in the opposite directions, there are inward and outward points;

4. According to the rotation speed of the screw, there are fast and slow points;

5. According to the structure of screw and barrel, there are overall and matching points

The single-screw extruder is generally divided into three sections in terms of reasonable length, and the reasonable length of the three sections is determined according to the screw diameter, tooth pitch, and screw depth, and generally divided according to each accounting for one-third.

Single screw extruder characteristics

1. The key to the transportation of single-screw extruders is friction, which limits the feeding characteristics of single-screw extruders, and it is difficult to add granular materials, viscous materials, glass fibers and inorganic fillers.

2. The exhaust pipe of the single-screw extruder extruder has little effect on the surface upgrading of the extruder material in the exhaust area, so the exhaust effect of the single-screw extruder is relatively weak.

3. The single-screw extruder is not suitable for some processing processes, such as polymer coloring, production of thermosetting plastic pellets, etc.

4. When the engine pressure of the single-screw extruder is high, the reverse flow increases, which reduces the production efficiency of the single-screw extruder.

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