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What is the difference between single-screw and twin-screw extruders?

by:TENGDA     2023-02-03

​In the manufacture of thermosetting powder coatings, single-screw extruders and twin-screw extruders are the most commonly used equipment. Because both devices have their own characteristics, they are widely used. The characteristics of single-screw extruder and twin-screw extruder are shown below.

In addition, according to my many years of experience, the single-screw extruder is suitable for making texture powder. For example, when the same formula is used to make wrinkles, hammer patterns, and patterns, the texture is obviously stronger than that of the twin-screw, and the output is higher. When sanding, the sanding agent should be relatively less, which greatly saves the production cost, but the dispersion of the flat flour is worse than that of the twin-screw, and the leveling will be worse than that of the twin-screw. Each manufacturer can choose a suitable product extruder according to the product requirements.

Because the manufacture of single-screw extruders requires high precision, difficult processing, and relatively high requirements for materials, the promotion and application of single-screw extruders in China is slower than that of twin-screw extruders. The surface is also relatively narrow, and there are fewer manufacturers. At present, most of the domestic equipment are twin-screw extruders. In recent years, the number of manufacturers producing single-screw extruders has increased, and the production capacity of the equipment has also increased, and there is a trend towards large-scale equipment.​​​​

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