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What is the key to the design of the twin screw extruder pelletizer system?

by:TENGDA     2022-09-30

The selection of the displacement coefficient of the twin-screw extruder granulator should be an appropriate value according to the specific design requirements. Because different displacement coefficients have different influences on the contact strength and bending strength of gears, all the displacement coefficients of gears can be taken to be the same, which is easy to calculate in series design, and is not prone to errors; all use angular displacement, And make the sum of the displacement coefficients greater than 0, which can improve the bending strength of the tooth root. Minimize drive chains as much as possible. The increase of the transmission chain means the increase of the transmission mechanism, the increase of the overall geometry of the transmission system, and the increase of other problems. When designing a twin-screw extruder, try to increase the number of common teeth, which is beneficial to both design and mass production.

Considering the strength and the continuity of the series, the number of teeth and the moduli for changing in the same center distance should be decreased in order from large to small, and should not jump to decrease. The helix angle should make the high-speed stage take a large value and the low-speed stage take a small value, so that the axial coincidence of the high-speed stage is increased, the operation is stable, the axial force of the low-speed stage is reduced, and the service life of the bearing is improved. The speed ratio distribution should be non-integer, which is to consider that if the processed gear is defective, it will not appear in the same part of the paired gear during operation. Minimize the sub-box surface of the transmission box as much as possible, and pay attention to the geometric dimensions of the two directions of the horizontal plane of the box body not too large. Even distribution of torque and equivalent drive of multiple drives. The uniform distribution of torque and the multi-channel equivalent drive are related to the specific transmission form, as well as the selection of the number of gear teeth and the selection of tooth profile parameters. At the same time, it is necessary to achieve uniform transmission of torque.

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