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What is the role of the screw of the twin-screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-25
Why is the screw very important in the twin-screw extruder? Just listen to the name. It is responsible for the processing and extrusion of plastics. The end pressure of the equipment is also very important, and they complement each other to make plastics form.
Plastic extrusion processing will accumulate at the end, that is, the end of the screw. Filter screens and contamination breaker plates, adapter delivery tubes, stationary agitators, and the mold itself. The extruder does not rely solely on these components, but also depends on the temperature control of the equipment, which affects the processing temperature of the plastic and determines the temperature of the plastic and the processing extrusion speed. It is not only dependent on screw design, except when it affects temperature, viscosity and throughput. Temperature measurement and monitoring is very important, and it is considered in two ways. One is safety factors. If the temperature is too high, the mold head and mold may explode and hurt nearby personnel or machines. Second, the difference in temperature will affect the state of the plastic. , Too high or too low will make the plastic over-melt or melt unevenly. Pressure is beneficial for stirring, especially in the last area of ​​the single-screw system, the metering area. However, being at high pressure also means that the motor is putting out more power and therefore a higher melt temperature, which can dictate the pressure limit. In twin-screw extruders, the intermeshing of the two screws is a more efficient agitator, so no pressure synergy is required for this type of extruder. When making hollow parts, such as pipes made using a mold with brackets positioned against the core, very high pressures must be generated within the mold to help the separate streams recombine, otherwise, the product along the weld line may be weak and may problem appear.

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