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What should I pay attention to when choosing a twin screw granulator?

by:TENGDA     2022-10-14

Before buying a twin-screw granulator, you need to seek advice from professionals who understand this type of machinery and equipment, and ask them to give some useful advice. When purchasing, if the funds are sufficient, try to choose a twin-screw granulator with a higher configuration. Such equipment quality is guaranteed, the number of failures is reduced, and the production efficiency is improved.

When the manufacturer of the twin-screw granulator you choose cannot provide you with detailed equipment information, then you have to re-select the manufacturer. Such manufacturers generally only provide some simple data and tables, and special attention should be paid to such manufacturers. . If you buy twin-screw produced by such manufacturers, there will be certain safety hazards, because they generally have not passed the inspection of the national quality inspection agency, and have not been produced according to the strict national equipment production regulations, which is not conducive to future production, and even causes harm.

Another point is that before choosing a twin-screw granulator, you need to understand your production needs and where you need to buy this type of equipment. When choosing, you need to find a few more manufacturers and communicate first, so that you can provide the relevant mechanical parameters of the twin-screw granulator. If you find a regular manufacturer, then they will definitely be able to provide detailed and professional configuration parameters, and will also introduce the equipment to customers in detail and comprehensively.

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