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What will lead to the production accident of the plastic modified granulator?

by:TENGDA     2022-11-16

Under what circumstances will the plastic modified granulator have a production accident? This problem deserves our attention and research, because if a large number of mechanical equipment is damaged, it will cause immeasurable economic losses to the enterprise, so we must understand this problem .

1. Incorporation of iron impurities

First of all, in the process of using the plastic modified granulator, we must check the poured material. The material cannot contain iron impurities. Iron impurities will cause damage to mechanical equipment or excessive wear.

2. Idling sticky shaft

Secondly, when we use the plastic modified granulator, we must also prevent the mechanical equipment from idling without load. The idling will cause the rotating shaft to heat up, resulting in agglomeration and adhesion of various materials.

In the process of using only plastic modified granulator, we need to check and select the poured materials, always observe whether the mechanical equipment is in an idling state, and timely select the impurities mixed in the materials. Only in this way can the service life of the mechanical equipment be extended.

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