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Which is better, general color masterbatch or special color masterbatch?

by:TENGDA     2022-11-17

In the masterbatch market, we can often see black masterbatch, white masterbatch, calcium carbonate filler masterbatch, transparent filler... How much do we know about masterbatch? Masterbatches are divided into general color masterbatches, special color masterbatches, functional color masterbatches, etc. People always feel good when they see the word 'universal', so many people think that general color masterbatches are better than special color masterbatches, then How is the truth? Masterbatch Granulator

There is an old saying in China called 'specialization in the art industry'. The general meaning of this sentence is that there are specialized researches in both knowledge and skills. In the masterbatch industry, the so-called universal color masterbatch actually has a very small general range, and Technical indicators and economic benefits are not very good.

Although general color masterbatch is very simple and convenient compared to special color masterbatch, it has many disadvantages:

1. It affects other properties of plastic products, especially the strength. The product is easily deformed and twisted, which is more obvious for engineering plastics.

2. Higher cost general-purpose color masterbatches are often used with higher heat-resistance grade pigments in order to be 'universal', resulting in waste.

3. The predictability of the coloring effect The color masterbatch is used for coloring. The pigments of the general color masterbatch will show different colors in different plastics, so the predictability of the coloring effect is poor.

As the saying goes, 'Being a person and doing things can't be half-hearted. Only by being professional can you be refined.' Therefore, general masterbatch and masterbatch manufacturers will produce suitable color masterbatches according to the needs of users, which can reduce the black color. The cost of masterbatch, and the use effect is stronger than that of general black masterbatch.

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