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Which twin-screw plastic extruder is of good quality

by:TENGDA     2023-02-02

​ Many customers often ask when purchasing a twin-screw extruder, which one produces the best plastic extruder? TENGDA Machinery said that in fact, 'good' is just a concept, and the key point is suitability.

1. When we buy plastic extruders, we should look at the main projects of the extruder manufacturers, because each company's main products and advantages are different. Maybe other companies are very good at doing this, and they will do other things. Weaker. Second, it depends on the price of the plastic extruder you choose. There are great differences between twin-screw extruders at different prices. The quality of the equipment should be compared on this basis.
TENGDA is committed to building a high-quality brand. Innovation is the foundation of the company, and the pursuit of breakthroughs in every detail is the source of TENGDA people's work pleasure and the driving force for the company's vigorous development. In terms of hardware,

The system is established, and professional personnel follow up from the introduction of production equipment to the purchase of materials. In order to meet the needs of Chinese and foreign customers, the products meet the requirements of international standards, such as SO, BS, ASTM, SATRA, GB, DIN, IS, EN, etc.; In terms of software, we have a group of senior industry elites with rich industry experience to integrate the people-oriented design concept into every instrument
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