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Why does the extruder have poor plasticization?

by:TENGDA     2023-02-05
​During the production process, the extruder sometimes has poor plasticization, what is going on?

1. The situation of poor plasticization

(1) The surface of the plastic layer has a toadskin-like condition.

(2) The temperature control is low, the instrument panel needle shows a low temperature, and the specific measurement temperature is also low.

(3) The surface of the plastic is black, and there are fine cracks or small particles that have not been plasticized.

(4) The plastic gluing operation is not well sutured, and there is an obvious mark.

2. The cause of poor plasticization

(1) The temperature control is too low or the adjustment is not suitable.

(2) There are hard-to-plasticize epoxy resin particles in the plastic.

(3) The operation steps are unreasonable, the extruder screw and braking efficiency are too fast, and the plastic is not fully plasticized.

(4) Plastic mixing is uneven or plastic itself has product quality problems.

(5) The plasticizing capacity of the extruder screw in the extruder is insufficient, and the shear stress and compression force are insufficient.

(6) The compression force of the mold shell is insufficient.

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