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Why waste plastics should be recycled and granulated

by:TENGDA     2022-12-28
At present, the annual consumption of plastic packaging materials in the world is more than 25 million tons, but the recycling rate is very low. Plastic waste is usually not easy to 'decompose and digest', and landfilling will occupy land and destroy geology; pouring into rivers, lakes and oceans will pollute water quality and endanger organisms; incineration will cause environmental pollution-white pollution. There are several ways to recycle and granulate waste plastics by using twin-screw extruders: recycling, regeneration, heat recovery and chemical recovery. Chinese laws and regulations clearly stipulate that two types of products, food packaging and medical plastics, do not allow the addition of recycled materials.
Twin-screw extruders not only reduce the amount of waste plastic, but also save resources. A major obstacle in the recycling of plastic products is the need to collect and sort different recycled plastic products according to their materials. Because the physical and chemical properties of various plastics are quite different, they cannot be processed and utilized if they are randomly mixed together. Recycled plastic products must be sorted and classified according to materials in order to become materials suitable for processing. In order to solve this difficulty, some countries have begun to print or mold the logo of the type of material used on plastic products. The use of twin-screw extruders can not only promote the recycling of waste plastics, but also save a lot of manpower, material resources and funds required for sorting and sorting. It is of far-reaching significance to reduce the treatment of domestic waste, eliminate 'white pollution', protect the environment, save energy, and comprehensively utilize resources.

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