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Working principle of co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-09-25

The length-diameter ratio of the screw of the co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder refers to the ratio of the effective length of the screw to the outer diameter. For the integral twin-screw, the length-diameter ratio is a fixed value, generally 7~18; for the combined twin-screw, The aspect ratio is variable, and some can reach 36. It reflects the specifications of the twin screw extruder and its performance. Different types of twin-screw extruders have different length-diameter ratio ranges. For nylon material, a screw with a slightly smaller aspect ratio can be used, so that the shearing is weaker, the fiber length in the reinforcing material is longer, and the performance is better. The longer the aspect ratio, the better the plasticizing effect, but it still depends on the specific material.

Twin-screw extruder is a kind of automatic feeding mechanical equipment, which is widely used and can process various materials. But there are many types of it, generally divided into two types: single-screw and twin-screw. Extrusion molding is a process in which a plastic material with a certain plasticity is continuously pressed out through a mouth under certain conditions to make it a product with a certain cross-sectional shape. According to the change of the rubber material in the extrusion process, the working part of the screw is generally divided into three parts: the feeding section, the compression section and the extrusion section according to their different functions. During the advance of the rubber material along the screw, due to the results of mechanical and thermal effects, the viscosity and plasticity of the rubber material have changed to a certain extent, and it has become a viscous fluid.

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