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​Working principle of twin screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-02-08
The twin-screw extruder is developed on the basis of the single-screw extruder. Due to its good feeding performance, mixing and plasticizing performance, exhaust performance, and extrusion stability, it has been widely used in extrusion Product molding.
From the point of view of the principle of motion, co-meshing, counter-meshing and non-meshing types are different in twin-screw extruders.
1. Co-rotating meshing twin-screw extrusion
This type of extruder is available in low speed and high speed, the former is mainly used for profile extrusion, while the latter is used for specialty polymer processing operations.
(1) Tight meshing extruder. Low-speed extruders have closely intermeshing screw geometries where the flight profile of one screw closely matches the flight profile of the other screw, a conjugate screw profile.
(2) Self-cleaning extruder. High-speed co-rotating extruders have closely matched flight profiles. This kind of screw can be designed to have a fairly small screw gap, so that the screw has a closed self-cleaning effect. This twin-screw extruder is called a tight self-cleaning co-rotating twin-screw extruder.
2. Counter-meshing twin-screw extruder
The gap between the two screw grooves of the closely meshing counter-rotating twin-screw extruder is very small (much smaller than the gap in the co-rotating twin-screw extruder), so positive conveying characteristics can be achieved.
3. Non-intermeshing twin-screw extruder
The center distance between the two screws of the non-intermeshing twin-screw extrusion is greater than the sum of the radii of the two screws.

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