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Causes of poor plasticization of plastic extruders

by:TENGDA     2022-12-25
In the process of using a plastic extruder for plastic processing and production, the phenomenon of poor plasticization is also very troublesome, so what is the cause of this phenomenon, and how should we deal with it? The following Shiyan Precision The instrument will answer for you.
3. Poor plasticization of the plastic extruder occurs in the following forms: (1) There is a phenomenon of toad skin on the surface of the plastic layer.
(2) The temperature control is low, the instrument pointer reflects low temperature, and the actual measured temperature is also low. (3) The surface of the plastic is black, and there are tiny cracks or small particles that have not been plasticized well. (4) The plastic glue is not well sewn, and there is an obvious trace.
Second, the reasons for the poor plasticization of the plastic extruder (1) The temperature control is too low or the control is not appropriate. (2) There are resin particles that are difficult to plasticize in the plastic.
(3) The operation method is improper, the screw and traction speed are too fast, and the plastic is not fully plasticized. (4) The plastic is not mixed uniformly during granulation or there are quality problems in the plastic itself.
3. Seyan Precision Instruments teaches you how to eliminate bad plasticization
(1) Control the temperature according to the process regulations, and adjust the temperature appropriately if the temperature is found to be low.
(2) The speed of the screw and traction should be appropriately reduced to increase the time for plastic heating and plasticizing to improve the plasticizing effect of the plastic. (3) Use the screw cooling water to enhance the plasticization and tightness of the plastic.
(4) When selecting a mold, the mold sleeve should be appropriately smaller to increase the pressure of the glue outlet.

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