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Development prospect of degradable plastics

Development prospect of degradable plastics


Development prospect of degradable plastics

        At present, there are still some restrictive factors in the guarantee of domestic coal and power supply, and the prices of bulk commodities such as oil and gas fluctuate at a high level in the international market. As a large country of energy production and consumption, China is based on the country to ensure the safe and stable supply of energy, which is very important for stabilizing the economy and ensuring people's livelihood.

        Emission reduction is not productivity reduction, nor is it non emission. Zhang Zhanbin, member of the CPPCC National Committee and President of the Marxism school of the Central Party School (National Academy of administration), said that China is still a developing country, industrialization and urbanization are still advancing, and energy demand will inevitably continue to grow. "To promote 'double carbon', we should not abandon traditional fossil energy in the short term, let alone deviate from the main line of economic development. The key is to embark on a path of ecological priority, green and low-carbon development." 

        The general secretary stressed that ‘green transformation is a process, not an overnight thing. We should first establish and then break, rather than break before establishment’, ‘to achieve the goal of double carbon ’, we must be based on national conditions, adhere to seeking progress while maintaining stability, and gradually achieve it. We cannot be divorced from reality and eager for success.

        Tengda, as a leader in the extruder machinery, has long paid attention to the trend of degradable plastics and maintained continuous attention. At the same time, it also continues to carry out relevant research and development in the laboratory and is committed to providing customers with the best equipment for degradable plastics. Tengda's extrusion equipment is applied in degradable fields such as PLA and PBAT. It mainly uses the characteristics of strong shear and good dispersion of twin-screw extruder to blend and modify degradable plastics. Thanks to the advantages of high equipment reliability and high processing density, Tengda extruder can meet various modification requirements of degradable plastics.

        Turning to the problems encountered in the production of degradable plastics, general manager Zhang Jili said that the main problem encountered at present is the difficulty of stretching. Tengda will choose to use air-cooled conveyor belt to cool the materials into strips and enter the pelletizer for pelletizing. In addition, for some corrosive materials, Tengda can provide relevant materials for selection, so as to solve the problems in the production process.

         From the perspective of senior industry insiders, general manager Zhang also analyzed the current market dilemma and future development trend of degradable plastics. ‘Degradable plastics can reduce the harm to the environment and protect our ecological environment, which should be the trend in the future. The disadvantage is that the production cost of degradable plastics is higher than that of ordinary plastics. However, with the increasing requirements for environmental protection and the maturity of relevant technologies, the cost of degradable plastics will be gradually reduced and the future market will be larger and larger.’

 Tengda PLA/PBAT/PBS etc. Biodegradable granules production line

(1) It is equipped with high torque torque gearbox. And the oil circuit, water circuit, vaccum system and other pipe line are integrated designed, which can save a lot of time and money.

(2) It adopts high wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant barrel and screw and high-strength mandrel.

(3) It adopts air-cooling strand pelletizing system, the unit has reliable performance and the operation is easy.

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