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TENGDA releases twin screw extrusion for biodegradable plastic granules production line

TENGDA releases twin screw extrusion for biodegradable plastic granules production line


TENGDA releases twin screw extrusion for biodegradable plastic granules production line

At present, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment have issued the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Control of Plastic Pollution", and by the end of 2022, the consumption of disposable plastic products will be significantly reduced, and alternative products will be promoted.In view of the increasingly prominent ecological problem of "white pollution", the world has launched a "ban on plastics" action, and even some countries have collected pollution taxes and other measures to limit the use of non-degradable plastics, and vigorously develop new biodegradable materials to protect the environment and protect the soil. In the long run, the production capacity of biodegradable plastics is also guaranteed. According to experts, by the end of 2025, the total demand for plastic products involved in the "Opinions" is expected to be more than one million tons. At present, in order to meet the market demand, the relevant alternative manufacturers, especially biodegradable plastic manufacturers and investors, are actively increasing investment and expanding the scale of alternative production capacity.

Illustration of biodegradable plastics




      Because the environmental pollution problem caused by traditional plastics is mainly due to its Non-degradable material , the industry has gradually formed a consensus to replace non-degradable plastics with degradable plastics. Bio-degradation is more natural and thorough, can reduce the production and use of chemical degradation reagents on the environment pollution, to avoid the production of new pollutants, therefore, the use of "bio-based biodegradable plastics" is more conducive to alleviating the contradiction between human social development and natural environmental protection, to achieve sustainable development of human economy and society.

A wide range of applications about recyclable plastics


        This policy has been introduced, triggering a wave of reform for the rubber and plastic industry. Many industries have set their sights on the research and development of biodegradable machinery. Nanjing TENGDA Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. also actively responded to this national policy and immediately set up a relevant research and development team. By this group of excellent talents carefully developed biodegradable plastic machinery, and finally after a lot of efforts, our company successfully developed PLA/PBAT/PBS.etc biodegradable granules production line. From the performance point of view, PLA, PBAT, PHA and other biodegradable plastics performance is close to ordinary plastics, creating conditions for the replacement of non-degradable plastics; from a technical point of view, PLA production of intermediate raw materials polypropylene technology is difficult to completely break through, limiting the release of production capacity, and PBAT domestic production process is not limited to foreign countries, rapid expansion of production capacity; from the application point of view, degradable plastics are mainly used in catering, medical and agricultural fields.

In this regard, our company is also determined to continue to guide the gathering of technology, talents, funds and other resources to the biological industry, promote biotechnology innovation and industrialization, and accelerate the large-scale, agglomeration and international development of the biological industry. Our company continues to make breakthroughs in the production technology of bio-based degradable materials, at the same time, our company forms the foundation of the whole industrial chain of "raw material production - product processing - product application - waste degradation" has greatly promoted the application of bio-based degradable plastics in China. Moreover, Our company is committed to increasing technology research and development, developing degradable plastic products, and promoting the invention and manufacture of alternatives to degradable plastics. In the environment of plastic restriction policy, the development of degradable plastics has become a new bright spot, and the market may show explosive growth due to policy intervention in the future. Carry out key core technology research and achievement transformation, improve product performance, reduce application costs, improve the relevant standards of degradable plastics, ensure the safety of degradation products, and promote the orderly development of the industry.

Last but not least, our company ‘s machine technical features:

First, equipped with high torque or ultra-high torque gearbox, torque distribution are integrated, new structure design; imported zero-stress safety coupling can be selected.

Second, adopt high wear-resistant and high strength mandrel.

Third, adopt air- cooling strand granules, the unit has reliable performance and the operation is easy.

Last, Granulation production line of biodegradable plastic materials will better reduce input costs, creating higher value for more users, deeply loved and trusted by users.


We will continue to work hard to promote green design to improve the safety and recycling performance of plastic products. Actively adopt new green functional materials, increase the use of recycled plastics that meet quality control standards and use control requirements, strengthen the research and development of recyclable, easily recyclable and degradable alternative materials and products, reduce application costs, and effectively increase the supply of green products. We will actively promote the reduction of plastic production and use at the source, scientifically and steadily promote plastic alternative products, accelerate the promotion of plastic waste recycling, focus on improving the level of safe disposal of plastic waste at the end, vigorously carry out special cleaning and rectification of plastic waste, significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste landfill and environmental leakage, and promote biodegradable plastics to be more popular in the rubber and plastic industry.

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