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Dry goods! How to test, maintain, repair and repair the gear reducer on the extruder.

Dry goods! How to test, maintain, repair and repair the gear reducer on the extruder.


Dry goods! How to test, maintain, repair and repair the gear reducer on the extruder.

The maintenance of the most core components of the extruder maintenance, of course, is the extruder gear box, because of its high value and long delivery period. Its maintenance procedures and step-by-step points in detail a lot, today this article from several different aspects of the collation of the gear box daily inspection and maintenance of some of the key points, take a look at it!

Daily monitoring points

Daily/weekly monitoring.

- Oil level ("middle of sight glass" is only applicable when gearbox is not running)

- Oil temperature (should be below 65-70°C)

- Filter pressure drop (usually <2 bar)

- Vibration/noise

- Oil leaks

1. Extruder gear reducer maintenance.

      (1) Extruder gear reducer parts should be well ventilated, the working environment temperature should be within the range of 5 ℃ -35 ℃.

(2) often check the amount of extruder gear lubricant in the box, to ensure that the transmission parts in the box have good lubrication.

(3) Pay attention to frequently check the extruder bearing parts of the box body, the temperature change should not exceed 45℃ when working.

(4) The new extruder gear reducer should be cleaned after 500h of work, and the lubricant should be replaced again.

(5) Extruder gear reducer should be regularly maintained and inspected once a year, the work content is as follows.

① Disassemble the extruder gear reducer cover, check the extruder transmission gear working surface wear and meshing, if there is a meshing surface area burr or shallow pockmark, available oil stone repair smooth; more serious wear gear should be mapped, ready to manufacture parts. For the next maintenance to replace.

② Check the wear of each bearing. First clean the extruder bearings, check whether the inner jacket has cracks; observe the size of the airlift noise and radial clearance size, if no problem is found. You can add some grease and continue to use.

③ Check whether the extruder lubricating oil in the box is clean, if there are extruder impurities or metal powder in the oil, filter the lubricating oil to remove the impurities, and then make up the amount of lubricating oil.

④ After cleaning and inspecting the extruder parts in the box, install the box cover; replace the new oil seal after adding enough grease to each extruder bearing part and fasten the extruder bearing cover.

⑤  Clean the exterior of the extruder reducer box to keep the equipment clean. 

2. The principle of replacement of parts in the extruder gearbox.

(1) If the involute meshing tooth surface of the extruder gear has deep wear pits, the work is noisy and irregular when extruder rotating, and often has the phenomenon of impact vibration, this extruder gear should be replaced.

(2) The inner sleeve or jacket of the ball bearing has cracks; the ball frame is damaged; the radial clearance of the inner jacket is large; the extruder bearing rotates noisily when turning the jacket, etc. After the extruder rolling bearing cleaning, if one of the above damage phenomenon is found, the extruder rolling bearing should be replaced. 

3. Extruder Gears, bearings replacement installation precautions.

(1) Extruder gears and bearings should be cleaned, trimmed and deburred before installation.

(2)  test the replacement extruder gear hole and assembly shaft and key and keyway size, should meet the requirements of the drawing specified fit tolerance; replacement extruder rolling bearing should be the same as the original extruder bearing type.

(3)  Extruder gear hole and shaft fit, should use H7/k6 or H7/r6 fit.

(4) Extruder rolling bearing jacket and box with k7/n6 fit, hole and shaft with H7/m6 or H7/k6 fit.


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