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Extrusion principle of plastic extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-08
The basic principle of the plastic extruder is the principle of screw feeding and discharging. The function of the extruder is to convert the solid plastic into a uniform melt by means of heating, pressure and shearing, and send the melt to to the next process. The production of melt involves the process of mixing additives such as color masterbatch, blending resin and re-grinding. The finished melt must be uniform in concentration and temperature. The applied pressure must be great enough to squeeze out the viscous polymer. The plastic extruder completes all the above processes through a barrel with a screw and auger. The plastic pellets enter the barrel through the hopper at one end of the barrel, and then are conveyed to the other end of the barrel by the screw. In order to have enough pressure, the depth of the flight on the screw decreases with the distance from the hopper. The external heat and the internal heat generated by friction between the plastic and the screw soften and melt the plastic. is a simplified plastic extruder. Different polymers and different applications often have different design requirements for extruders. Many options involve discharge ports, multiple feed ports, special mixing devices along the screw, cooling and heating of the melt, or no external heat source (adiabatic extruder), relative size of gap variation between screw and barrel , and the number of screws, etc. For example, twin-screw extruders allow the melt to be more thoroughly mixed than single-screw extruders. In tandem extrusion, the melt extruded from the first plastic extruder is used as raw material to feed the second extruder, which is usually used to produce extruded polyethylene foam masterbatch.
In the past two years, China's plastic extruder market has made great progress and breakthroughs. In China's plastic machinery market, plastic extruders are important processing equipment, and their development prospects are very optimistic. China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased their investment in recent years The development of emerging markets for extruders will further expand brand awareness, further enhance market competitiveness, and the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased.

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