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How to choose a granulator that suits you?

How to choose a granulator that suits you?


How to choose a granulator that suits you?

        Plastic products play an important role in various fields of industrial and agricultural production and life due to their excellent properties such as light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and easy processing. However, with the wide application of plastic products, the disposal of waste plastics has become a difficult problem, among which "difficulty in natural degradation" has become a stubborn problem that needs to be solved urgently for global environmental pollution.

        In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's plastic industry, the plastic granulator industry has also developed rapidly. The granulator can make recycled plastic products into plastic granules through various processes to achieve the effect of plastic reuse. The granulator industry involves in many fields of the national economy. It is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products, but also plays an important role in solving my country's plastic pollution, improving the reuse rate of plastic products, and establishing and improving the plastic recycling system.

        For recycled plastic enterprises, it is very important to choose a granulator suitable for their own use, because a plastic granulator cannot make all plastics due to the difference of plastic plasticization and extrusion pressure. General granulators can recycle and granulate plastics in daily life, but some special plastics, such as engineering plastics, cross-linked polyethylene, etc., require special granulators for recycling and granulation. Therefore, manufacturers must pay attention to the types of granulated plastics they need to recycle when purchasing a granulator, and then choose a suitable granulator.

        In addition, when purchasing a granulator, you also need to pay attention to the following points:

        Clarify the purpose and application of purchasing granulator. At present, there are roughly three types of customers who buy granulators in the market, they are those who invest and start businesses by individual or private enterprises, plastic manufacturers who buy granulators to solve the problem of leftovers of products produced by their own factories, and then there are distributors and traders. For customers who are self-employed or private enterprises, when purchasing a granulator, be sure to clarify the types of plastics produced by the company. The general granulator can only recycle and produce general-purpose plastics mainly PP and PE, which are also the more common plastic raw materials in the plastic market. The PS foam material market is relatively small. If there are clear sales channels for special plastics, users can also purchase the corresponding granulator.

        Granulator performance. The granulator can be divided into single-screw granulator and twin-screw granulator according to the number of screws. When the single-screw granulator is working, the plastic is conveyed forward in a spiral shape in the barrel. When the twin-screw granulator is working, the plastic is transported forward in a straight line in the barrel. According to the working principle, when the twin-screw machine is stopped, the material in the machine can be basically emptied, and the single-screw machine stores a small amount of residual material. Most plastic granulation, single-screw and twin-screw can be used indiscriminately.

        The corresponding equipment should be selected according to the different products produced by the enterprise. When making recycled plastics, due to the larger die surface of changing screen and easier cutting, the single-screw machine is more effective; when making modified plastics, color masterbatch, and mixed color pumping, the effects of the two machines are comparable; When lengthening glass fiber and cross-linked submarine cable material, only twin-screw granulator can be used.

        Nanijing Tengda Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of complete sets of plastic processing equipment. We have a senior R&D team in the industry, dedicated to product development and manufacturing with twin-screw extruders as the core. After more than ten years of precision research and innovation, we have formed a complete set of fully automatic polymer processing production lines based on twin-screw extruder, as well as independent production of high-end key parts.

        1.TSH Series—Economic and Applicable, High Cost-performance

            Units Technical Characteristics:

(1)With the development of 20 year experience, TSH series have become industry standard equipment;

(2)AIl screws and barrels adopt high wear-resistant materials; 

(3)High reliability transmission box, stable box design.

        Typical Configuration

(1)Deceleration, torque distribution integration, new structural design, enhanced safety margin, high precision hard tooth surface grinding, imported bearings and seals, independent forced lubrication cooling system and optional imported zero stress safety couplings

(2)The machine body adopts the reinforced design;

(3)The Electric automatic control system is high-end imported instruments or touch screen system, and its main control components adopt the imported brands

(4)The barrels, screw elements and gearboxes of the main extruder are produced by CNC machining center.

        2.SE Series Single Screw Extruder Pelletizing System

           Typical Work

ABS. PC. POM. PP. PE PC/ABS plastic raw materials dyeing and engineering pasts recycling granulation.


(1)High-precision gearbox, high loading capacity, steady driving, low noise;

(2)New screw and barrel design, which can ensure good melt uniformity, low melt temperature and high production;

(3)The barrel and screw are subject to the nitrogen treatment, with high anti-wear and anti-corrosion performance;

(4)Super mute blowing fan cooling barrel need maintenance operation;

(5)Imported temperature controlled meter. PID temperature control, and temperature control is more

stable and accurate;

(6)The die head design comprises manual revolving type or hydraulic type, and it is easy and time-saving to change the screen.

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