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Lab Scale Masterbatch Extruder
Lab Scale Masterbatch Extruder

Small plastic twin-screw extruders are very competitive equipment models for small batch production scale, especially for the Color Masterbatch industry.

The production of masterbatch has strict requirements on equipment and process. The accurately measured powder and additives need to be evenly dispersed and mixed into the carrier resin. The order production of different batches and color numbers is frequently switched, and twin screw extruder is required to have high output, excellent self-cleaning ability, and wonderful mixing effect.The lab scale masterbatch extruder can be applied in the college laboratory for teaching. Besides, it can be used by masterbatch supplier to test the dispersion and plasticity of color masterbatch.

Thus, Nanjing Tengda TSH series experimental co-rotating twin screw pelletizing extruder system have become the best choice for customers who produce masterbatch.

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