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Lab Scale Engineering Plastics Extruder
Lab Scale Engineering Plastics Extruder

Lab Scale enginering plastic extruder is mainly used for higher vocational colleges, new material experiment and material modifications of polymer high molecular weight in colleges and universities. Lab twin screw extruder plastic production line always helps our customer to test different formula for engineering plastic.

Taking PA(Polyamide) as an example, PA has won people's attention due to its unique low specific gravity, high tensile strength, wear resistance, good self-lubrication, excellent impact toughness, and both rigidity and flexibility. The modification purpose of PA is different, which can be divided into reinforcement, toughening, flame retardant, filling and alloying, etc. Customers can use the lab twin screw extruder to test different modified formulas before putting them into production. The output of lab extruder could arrive 6kg/h-50kg/h, and it has no need to use a lot of raw materials. It’s easy to be used for testing and researching.

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