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Maintenance of Tengda co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-09-25

Check the operation of the cooling water tank, vacuuming, motor, etc., and whether there is leakage at each sealing part. Cooling equipment and pipelines are required to be clean, clean, and free of suspended impurities in industrial soft water. The water filter and water tank should be checked and cleaned regularly, kept clean, and replaced with new water. During the use of the separation tank in the vacuum system, there will be viscous substances left in the tank, so it needs to be stopped and cleaned regularly.

The size loss of the perforated plate of the co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder, the damage and corrosion of the surface of the flow channel, and whether the blockage occurs, which affects the appearance and output of the product. Check the smoothness of the cooling water, the temperature (generally ∠26℃), the feeding condition, the temperature and pressure of the cylinder, and the wear condition of the screw and the cylinder.

Regularly clean the oil filter and remove the deposited dirt at the bottom of the fuel tank, and regularly refuel the lubrication points. Check the temperature rise of the motor and oil tank, whether the bearing is overheated locally, abnormal noise of the motor and gear, oil leakage, oil filter, radial runout of the spline shaft and contact gap with the end face of the screw. After the new gear box runs 'run-in', new oil should be replaced, and new oil should be replaced every 4000 hours of operation thereafter.

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