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Maintenance of twin-screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-25

Keeping the twin-screw extruder clean can produce better products, and keeping it clean can also reduce the occurrence of failures and ensure continuous production. The basic elements of twin-screw extruder maintenance - inspection and cleaning

The inner wall of the cooling water pipe attached to the twin-screw extruder is prone to scaling, and the outside is prone to rust and corrosion. Careful inspection should be done during maintenance. Too much scale will block the pipeline, and the cooling effect will not be achieved. If the corrosion is serious, it is easy to leak water. In daily maintenance, measures of scale removal and anti-corrosion cooling must be taken. After a period of production and use, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the twin-screw extruder equipment, check the tightness of all screws, and make inspection records. Lock the threaded parts that are easy to loose and tighten them immediately to prevent failures during the production and operation of the twin-screw extruder.

The basic maintenance is to clean the machine and lubricate the moving parts of the twin-screw extruder. For example, there will be iron filings or other impurities from gear grinding in the gearbox, check the wear of gears and bearings and make records. While cleaning the gears, the lubricating oil of the gearbox should be replaced regularly. Check and adjust the motor, control instrument and other pipelines and working parts of the twin-screw extruder. If the power is suddenly cut off during production, the main drive and heating stop, when the power supply is restored, each section of the barrel must be reheated to the specified temperature and kept warm for a period of time before the extruder can be started.

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