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​Operating specification of screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2023-02-05

The material processed by the twin-screw granulator will be kneaded into balls through the feeding port and the action of the rotating screw, and will roll forward along the screw groove. Under the action of shearing, compression and stirring of the screw, the material will be further mixed and Plasticizing, when the temperature and pressure are gradually increased, it will show a viscous flow state, and pass through the machine head at a certain pressure and temperature to obtain the desired shape of the product.

For the twin-screw granulator, specific instructions will be given for the relevant operations, each step is linked together, and detailed instructions will be clearly and effectively given in the specific use training. Therefore, in the process of implementing the use of the granulator, it is necessary to pay attention to strictly follow the process. Every step and every button has its unique mission. Only by better following the accurate process can the twin-screw granulator be effectively guaranteed. The optimization of the use function of the granulator can better realize the protection of the twin-screw afforestation machine in daily construction and operation, which is the basis for ensuring the optimization of its quality and use.

The twin-screw granulator is equipped with the relevant values ​​of the pressure sensor in the machine head to meet the precise use and control, so the displayed data content must be strictly monitored during the operation process, and fundamentally speaking, data that fluctuates too much is also possible. It is caused by the blockage of the flow channel. At this time, corresponding measures must be taken to better ensure the optimization of the manufacturing. Especially after the feeding is stopped, the value is still high, and the completeness inspection should be done by professionals. Fundamentally speaking, the digital display of the pressure sensor shows to a large extent the guarantee of the safety and stability of the double-screw granulator. In the process of specific use, we must pay attention to it.

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