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Production Scale Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Extruder
Production Scale Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Extruder

Fiber thermoplastic materials, with glass fiber being the most widely used, are plastics with thermoplastic resins as the main component and various additives added. Fibe-reinforced thermoplastics are more ductile. It doesn't undergo chemical reactions during processing and have shorter moulding cycles. Fiber-reinforced thermoplastics have emerged as a rising star in the composites market. Dealing with fiber reinforced thermoplastics need water-cooling strand pelletizing system. Nanjing Tengda TSH series can meet the customers’ needs well. Nanjing Tengda extruder increase the production capacity by 10%-20%. Besides, our machine can save 5%-15% energy. There is no need for debugging. You can install quickly. If the output you need is high, you can choose the production scale compounding extruder. Nanjing Tengda will give you the best purchasing experience by providing the whole solution and system with our rich experience.

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