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Tengda: continue to create a win-win situation with customers!

Tengda: continue to create a win-win situation with customers!


Tengda: continue to create a win-win situation with customers!

        Compared with traditional plastic products, the production cost of degradable plastic products is too high, which is an important constraint restricting its promotion to a wide range of circulation and consumption scenes. Zhang Jili, general manager of Nanjing Tengda Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., believes that the breakthrough lies in expanding the production capacity of degradable raw materials. It is not only the gradual expansion of the production capacity of degradable materials such as PLA and PBAT, but also the expansion of the production capacity of raw materials in the upstream. For example, as an important raw material with a wide range of uses, BDO is widely used in the synthesis of PBAT. Relevant departments also need to introduce a series of measures to stabilize and ensure the production capacity.

        Tengda specializes in the research, development, production and manufacturing of plastic polymer blending and modification equipment with co-rotating twin screw extruder as the core, as well as related processes and engineering fields. Based on 20 years of development, Tengda co-rotating twin screw extruder has become an industry standard equipment. Its barrel and screw elements are made of standard high wear-resistant materials and equipped with high reliability transmission box.

        It is worth noting that Tengda co-rotating twin screw gearbox adopts new structural design to strengthen safety margin and high-precision hardened grinding. Bearings and seals are imported, equipped with independent forced lubrication and cooling system, and imported zero stress safety coupling is optional. In addition, the main body is of enhanced design, the electric instrument automatic control system is a high-end imported instrument or touch screen system, and the main control components are imported brands; The barrel, screw element and gear box are made by CNC machining center.

        General manager Zhang introduced that in view of the difficult situation of water vapor reflux and blanking of degradable materials, Tengda designed a special homogenizing silo and a special blanking cylinder for degradable materials to improve the machine capacity from the aspect of feeding. High torque gearbox makes the production capacity higher and more energy-saving. At the same time, special research and development is carried out for screw, barrel and other accessories to comprehensively reduce the yellowing of starch and other problems.

        Since its establishment, Tengda has always adhered to independent R&D and innovation, aimed at cutting-edge technologies in the industry, actively applied cutting-edge technologies to product R&D, launched new products that can meet customer needs, maintained strong independent innovation ability, and promoted the continuous improvement of Tengda's technology and product level. In terms of energy saving, all equipment adopts imported variable frequency energy-saving motors; In terms of production capacity, through the optimization and upgrading of feeding system, screw combination and gearbox, the production capacity has been increased by 10% - 20%, further reducing the production cost of customers.

        In the future, Tengda will always focus on customer needs and industry development trends to provide customized services. Continue to increase investment in R&D and innovation, continuously improve production technology and production management, continuously improve the standardization and scientization of enterprise management, build an innovative equipment manufacturing enterprise, and help the whole industry develop to a higher level.

        General manager Zhang also revealed that Tengda has modified plastic engineers with more than 30 years of experience. If customers have any problems with plastic modified formula, they will give technical support at any time. They will provide 24-hour online service. If they can't be solved online, the engineer will arrive at the customer's site within 24 hours. Tengda has developed and produced high-capacity degradable material granulation equipment, and the design capacity can reach 2-3 times of the existing equipment.

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