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What are the advantages of twin-screw granulator?

by:TENGDA     2023-01-22

Advantages of twin-screw granulator:

First, the twin-screw granulator has a strong self-cleaning ability. Because the two threaded joints are intertwined together, the touching part forms a continuous space curve with a uniform gap, and as the two rotate automatically at the same time, the space curve moves accordingly, forming an automatic control effect between the screws, at the same time. Clean the glue on the surface of the external thread to ensure that there is no falling plastic;

Second, the pre-plastic block can be mixed with internal structure materials. Enlarging the number of pre-plastic blocks in the twin-screw granulator can increase the pre-plastic frequency and improve the pre-plastic quality. The expansion of the internal pressure of the pre-molding area increases the compressive strength of the pre-molding and significantly improves the quality of the pre-molding;

Third, the external thread engagement of the internationally advanced co-rotating twin-screw extruder has completed the equal-gap engagement, which further improves the self-made characteristics and production capacity of the screw type, and broadens its application range;

Fourth, the screw extruder small snack plastic extruder adopts the application of side feeding technology, which improves the integrity of raw materials and further increases the production capacity. The position and shape of the feeding port will also have a greater effect on the feeding efficiency. Under the same technical parameters, the feed area is enlarged and the output is enlarged. Under the same total entrance area, the square cross section has more feeding effect than the circular cross section. The feed rate of the side twin-screw extruder is also based on this consideration;​

Fifth, the twin-screw granulator has strong adaptability. Compared with viscous materials, shallow groove screw type low shear rate processing can be used. Compared with raw materials with high shear rate or high screw speed ratio, concave groove screw type is more suitable for improving extrusion quality and production capacity.

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