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What are the main parameters of the twin-screw extruder?

by:TENGDA     2023-01-30

According to different materials, the control parameters of the twin-screw extruder are different, mainly the mixing and shearing effects, which directly affect the strength, toughness, flame retardancy and other indicators of the product. The parameters are temperature, rotational speed, shear force, aspect ratio, feeding sequence, etc.

1 screw with a diameter of . Refers to the outer diameter of the threaded portion of the screw, expressed in Newtons. JB/T 5420-2001 and JB/T 6491-2001 stipulate the screw diameter series of parallel screw extruders. The outer diameter of the conical twin-screw extruder is divided into a large end diameter and a small end diameter, which are usually used to indicate the specifications of the conical twin-screw extruder.

2. Screw aspect ratio. Represented by i/D, I is the length of the threaded part of the screw, and z) is the diameter of the screw. The aspect ratio of the conical twin-screw is (16 -18): 1. Parallel twin-screws have a wide range of length-to-diameter ratios. Some twin-screws have relatively small long diameters, which are close to single-screws. Some twin screws have larger aspect ratios.

3. Compression ratio. The compression ratio of the parallel twin-screw is close to that of the single-screw. The compression ratio of the twin-screw extruder is very large, which is mainly due to the gradual reduction of the diameter of the conical screw and the volume of the screw groove.

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4. Screw speed range. Refers to the rotational speed value of the screw when it is working, expressed in nmax-nmi, and the unit is r/min.

5. Motor power.

Refers to the power of the motor that drives the screw to rotate, in kilowatts.

6. Productivity. Productivity is related to the nature of the extrusion material and the structure of the molding die. It is the output per unit time represented by the type of plastic product, and the unit is kg/h.

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