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What are the raw materials of degradable extrusion granulator?

by:TENGDA     2022-10-16

Many of them are also found in our domestic garbage, such as bottles, buckets, basins, cups, plates, and toys. Anyway, the main source of raw materials for the degradable extrusion granulator is still relatively rich.

Waste plastic generated after use. This type of plastic generally comes from a wide range of sources, and requires a series of special recycling processes to reach a certain amount. The general source is the classification of garbage generated in production and life in all walks of life. In agriculture, such as used mulch film, greenhouse film, fertilizer bags, fresh-keeping bags, plastic bags. Construction industry, packaging materials, foam, building materials waste, pipes.

Waste plastics from secondary processing. Generally, plastic processing plants will generate a lot of waste that is difficult to handle during secondary processing. A large part of the waste after printing or electroplating is not of high recycling value. There is no way to become the raw material of plastic pellet machines. The waste generated before these pollution processes has a relatively high value, especially the value of scrap recycling generated by thermoforming and mechanical cutting at the beginning is relatively high.

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