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What is the reason for the unstable and intermittent discharge of the plastic extruder?

by:TENGDA     2023-01-17

​ During the extrusion process of the plastic extruder, the discharge of the material is unstable and the material is intermittent. Less than requirements and so on.

1. The blockage of the splitter plate and the filter screen makes the material movement resistance too large, and the axial movement speed of the material in the screw groove is greatly reduced, which will also cause no discharge.
2. The temperature control of the barrel and screw of the plastic extruder is unreasonable, and the temperature is too high or too low. If the temperature of the barrel is too high, the material in contact with the barrel will melt, which will easily cause the material to overheat and decompose. If the temperature of the screw is too low, the material and the barrel will slip and not
In view of the above problems, the solution is mainly to reduce the temperature of the barrel; reduce the flow rate of the screw cooling water, and increase the temperature of the cooling water; regularly clean and replace the splitter plate and filter screen.
The extrusion molding and adjustment of plastic extruders have higher and higher requirements for the accuracy, stability and operability of temperature control. On the one hand, extruder manufacturers are required to design their extruders scientifically and reasonably, and it is also necessary to adopt a sophisticated and advanced temperature control system. World Research Institute
The machine adopts a high-quality temperature control system, which can precisely control the temperature at +0.2°C, which provides a prerequisite for good extrusion molding.

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